Yeldho Mar Baselios

Inauguration Program - November 8, 2009

Message from Rev. Fr. Jose Daniel,
Vicar of St. Peters Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church, Philadelphia
(Rev. Jose Achen had conducted several passion week services in St. Gregorios Church in Cleveland, forerunner of Baselios Church)

Church, An Integral Part of the Life of a Christian

Inaugurating a church is a happiest moment for the members. It is inevitable for the successful Christian life. There is lot of hardship in organizing a congregation. Most often, it is from the laity the idea and effort originates. Recently, a lot our of churches outside Kerala and abroad were organized in such away. Approval from the bishops and assistance from the priests followed in its way. Fortunately our laity and priests and our bishops are so cooperative in attaining this object. For long long years past, Jacobite faithful in Cleveland -Ohio were waiting for a congregation there, and that is becoming fruitful today onwards.

Prima facie, church is a place for prayer. That is what everybody expects from a church. But in a dogmatic sense, Church is very much higher than that. Church symbolizes Heaven. Important part of the church is the Mad’baho and the Thronose. Thronose is the most holiest place and Almighty God is worshipped on it. It is considered the Seat of God Almighty. There is an ample reason for decorating the Thronose in such a colorful way. Almighty God of God and Lord of Lord is continuously worshipped and praised there. Great prophets like Ezekiel, Zachariah and Isaiah were referred it many times. In their visions they Saw Him with the brightness of golden image. There on the Thronose, we are submitting and dedicating our sacrifices.

Celebrating Holy Qurbono on a consecrated Thronose is an act of offering ourselves as a sacrifice, before God Almighty. By that offering, we are reconciling with our creator through Jesus Christ. Repetition of the Holy qurbano is an act that is advised by Jesus Christ. That helps us to enjoy the affinity with God Almighty, that Adam lost in the garden of Eden. Each and every Holy communication renews our salvation through holy spirit and victory over Satan.

There are lot of protestant teachings against the holy communion and observance of Sunday worship at Church. They emphasize only the word of God. They are ignorant about the transformation of word into flesh. Word became flesh and the blood , and by the shedding of the same blood, redeemed our mankind. The same body which crucified, entombed, resurrected and sat on the right hand side of God the Father, was seen standing on the right hand side of God the Father., and shall come again in his great glory, as the victorious king, for eternal condemnation and salvation of those who are christened. Even then, hiding the importance of holy body and emphasizing only to the word of God is camouflaging Christianity, and negligence of God of word who crucified for the mankind.

I hope Mor Baseliose Church Cleveland Ohio, will help the Holy Church to spread the message of Messiah, the son of God, Holy Redeemer, who shall coming again for our salvation. My humble prayers will be with you always. Wish the Church all blessings. Promise you all support in the future. Even though my physical presence is far away from you, my pleasure and happiness is with you always. please share my pleasure and happiness in this solemn occasion.

Keeping you all in my prayers,

Your humble servant in His Name.
Paitel Jose Daniel achen.
Vicariate of St.peters Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church, Philadelphia.

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