Yeldho Mar Baselios

Inauguration Program - November 8, 2009

Message from Rev. Fr. Thomas Kora Pulpparayil (Saji Achen)
Vicar, St. Thomas Syrian Orthodox Church, Austin, TX

(Saji achen conducted his first passion week service in Cleveland in 2007, a service we all will cherish for a long time.)

Rev. Fr. Thomas Kora

Dearly Beloved in Christ,

It is with great satisfaction that we thank God for your spiritual endeavors. Through His grace, and the sanction and spiritual leadership of H.E. Mor Teethose Yeldo (Archbishop of the Malankara Syriac Orthodox Church in North America), and your sincere dedication to the teachings our fathers passed to us, you have been very blessed to establish a local parish for the faithful.

As we remembered in the Qoodos Eatho service last week, the Apostle Peter was given great responsibility after he confessed the true faith – that “You are the Christ.” As you continue in the faith began from this Rock, which continues to emanates from the Holy Throne of Antioch and St. Peter’s successor, Moran Mor Ignatious Zakka I, and from all who uphold the Apostolic and universal nature of the church, like H.B. Baselious Thomas I, let every blessing be upon you, your children, and all your worthy good works.

It is a further blessing to be under the patronage of Mor Baselious Yeldo. May his intercession be a great fortress for you and the faithful in Cleveland.

Sincerely in Christ,

Rev. Fr. Thomas Kora
St. Thomas Syrian Orthodox Church, Austin, TX

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