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Bible Study - Gospel of Matthew
Dr. Susan Jacob, MD - Editor


Matthew Ch. 1 - Jesus Among Us

Matthew Ch. 2 - React to Jesus

Matthew Ch. 3 - Ready to Take on the World

Matthew Ch. 4 - What would Jesus do (& how)?

Matthew Ch. 5 - Sermon on the Mount Part 1

Matthew Ch. 5 - Sermon on the Mount Part 2

Matthew Ch. 6 - Sermon on the Mount Part 3

Sermon on the Mount by Dr. Babu Paul


How to Read the Bible
There are a number of ways to read the Bible. One of the first things you should look for is good footnotes at the bottom of the page that are indexed to other similar texts in the Bible. This helps the reader to understand the particular verse in context, rather than in isolation.

Isaiah 58 - True Fasting
Includes Matthew Henry's Commentary and John Wesley's Explanatory Notes on Isaiah 58. Isaiah 58 tells about a true lent or fasting that is pleasing to our Lord.

Bible Study - Revelations
by Dr. Dean Crosby

Into The Throne Room...Revelation 4
After hearing the heavenly voice commanding him to “Come up here? the apostle John has been translated from “the things that are…” , through the “door opened into heaven? into the very throne room of God.

What Else Did He See Up There?...Revelation 4
The Apostle John has been taken “In the Spirit?into the very throne room of God, to record for us the “Things which he has seen? as part of the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

Miscellaneous Bible Study

Bible Study on Annunciation Reading St. Luke 1: 26-38
by HG Yuhanon Mor Meletius

Bible Study: St. Mary visits Elizabeth St. Luke 1: 39-56
by H G Yuhanon Mor Meletius

Bible Study: I pray for my husband, Study of Psalm 112
by Sindhu George

Ten Reasons Why Isaiah 53 Cannot Refer To Israel

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