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History of Church

A Brief History of The Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch

The Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch by Patriarch Ignatius Ya`qub III

Brief History of The Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch in India

History of The Syrian Orthodox Church and the Church in India

The Malankara Church: Orthodox Syrian or Syrian Orthodox?

The Saint Thomas Christians in India from 52 to 1687 AD

One and Many Churches (origins of the Church)
Some would offer the simplistic explanation that the multiplicity of Eastern churches is the result of disputes and divisions. This is only partially correct. The Gospel message was taken from Jerusalem to various parts of the world, took root and flourished to give rise to a wonderful diversity of churches that were, for some time, all in full communion with each other.

Syrian Orthodox Church Today

The challenges faced by the Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church
The Jacobite Syrian Orthodox church is steeped in tradition and time tested beliefs and faith. But with the turn of the century clock come new challenges. These are not better than the experiences of the older generations but different.

Christian Family in the Globalized World
Excerpts from the Couple's Conference held on 31 May, 2008 at St George Church, NY.

The religiosity of an Indian Syrian Christian when faced with atrocity
Indian Syrian Christians is at a position of advantage and has not suffered the enduring hardship of Syrian Christians in the Middle East starting from Turkey and extending to other places and ending in a systematic and concerted effort at wiping out an entire community.

Church Politics and Disputes

An Analysis of the Present Legal Scenario in Church - 2007

History of Church Cases at a Glance, Litigation Among the Members of Syrian Christians in Malankara - An Overview

Bar Eto Briro Dr. D. Babu Paul IAS's reply to Babu Kuzhimattom regarding proposed Parumala Jacobite Syrian Orthdox Church and clarifications on the Split in the church

Malankara's Mythical Minefields
Debate between Georgy S. Thomas, Bangalore for Indian Orthodox Church and Very Rev. Kuriakose Moolayil for Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church.

A Suggested Approach to Solve the century old disputes between (Jacobite) Syrian Christians and Indian Orthodox Church
A Prominent Jacobite Priest suggests a Christian approach to solve the church disputes.

Comments on A Suggested Approach to Solve the century old disputes between (Jacobite) Syrian Christians and Indian Orthodox Church
The mystery of salvation through the church is very simple. It is related to our meeting God and establishing a relationship with Him. Our God loved us so much that He created man in His image and likeness. His only begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, voluntarily sacrificed Himself for us on the cross out of pure love for us. Therefore we can meet God through Love and Sacrifice.

Tribulations within the Church- Optimistic Approach
Suggestions from an Orthodox faction member as to how to bring peace to the church.

Peace in Malankara
Any out of court settlement will require much deliberations in view of the history of the church cases.

Full Text of Recent High Court Judgement on Mediation

Babu Paul on Church Politics (Malayalam)

Unity and Cross Participation in Sacraments
Everyone wants to settle accounts ‘my way’ and that constitutes the main problem. It is high time that the Church leaders tell those few war-mongers and news-mongers in the church to get lost.

God Unifies and Devil Divides
It is not the dispute between laity which divided Church. Therefore any peace initiatives and unity talks should start at the clergy level.

Church Disputes: A priest’s cry before he closes his eyes
I love God and my church and wish to die in the true faith of my true forefathers passed on to me. I couldn’t digest the century old disputes between two fractions in the Malankara Syrian orthodox community in India and the Diaspora in all over the continents.

The Absurd and Meaningless Fight
If I had to sum up in one word the dispute between factions in the One Holy Apostolic Church, I would call it "absurd". I cannot, with clear conscience, call one Jacobite and the other Orthodox.

What are the hurdles in out of court settlement?

Unity among own people
It is now an accepted fact that the fight is for property and authority. No group takes interest in helping the needy. Jesus appointed servants of church and they have become the masters of church.

How did Soul become Paul or Paulose?
I have heard and read many preachers and writers stating that Soul the Jew became Paul when he was baptized into Christianity by Ananias. Some say Soul submitted himself to our Lord to be called Paulose.

St. Thomas Christians in Kerala

Kodungallur - Cradle of Christianity in India
Extract from a book about the ancient St. Thomas Christians in Kerala. Chapter 1 and portions of chapter 2 are included.

A Nair family in Kerala is said to be in possession of 4 silver coins given by St. Thomas when he visited Kerala.

Clean and Unclean
Aspects of the Idea of “Clean and Unclean” among the Brahmins, the Jews, and the St. Thomas Christians of Kerala

Anaachaarams - Practices and customs for the Malayaala Braahmanans or the Namboothiries
Listed are the 64 practices and customs (“Anaachaarams”) believed to have been established by Sankaraachaaryar (788 – 820 AD) specially for the Malayaala Braahmanans or the Namboothiries of Kerala. Since these are not followed anywhere else, they are called “Anaachaarams” or non-conventions.

Women's Role in Church

The Role of Women in the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch
by Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka-I Iwas
The Role of Women is a topic of importance today in our Syriac Orthodox Church which is a deeply rooted traditional apostolic church.” In our presentation, we shall depend upon the Holy Scripture and the tradition of the Church, namely the teachings of the Apostles which have not been recorded in the Scriptures.

God, Trinity and Role of Women in Heaven
There is only manhood and son-ship in Heaven, making it transparently clear that femininity is meant only for the procreation process that is akin to this earth only. Anything thus associated with Heaven has no womanhood or maternity.

Concept of Trinity and the Role of Women in Church
The revelation of the Holy Trinity, through the Bible and then through the reflections of our Church fathers has profound implications for our life today. While the understanding on the Holy Trinity has been one of the most complex themes that has been dealt with, the studies so far by early Church fathers and then of late by modern theologians helps us to understand certain aspects of the Godhead.

Concept of Trinity and the Role of Women in Church - Follow Up
Going against natural selection is the mode of rupturing the fibre of the creation and society. But it is set to happen by woman dominating over man as the Kaliyuga signs which flower 'at the end of days'.

Woman’s Role in the Church Affairs
We have a double standard system within the church, within our parishes and communities and within our families. Jesus gave more importance to Martha, Maria, his mother and even appeared to Mary Magdalene even before appearing to any other disciples of His, there by giving importance to WOMEN, in my opinion.

Women and Church Affairs
Can women be allowed to enter the Madbaha (the holiest place of our Church)? I have seen an active discussion about this topic in IOC Website. IOC actively encouraging this dangerous trend without considering the biblical teachings.

Rights of Women in Jacobite Church
The uniqueness of our church (comparing to any other Apostolic or Protestant) churches is that, the church practices are based on Bible Laws, Traditions and Teaching of church fathers. If you look at the history, social laws were always derived from religion.

Role of women in our church
Male chauvinism is the only reason for the disparity and inequality of women in our church. God created men and women in Adam. In Christ all are equal. There are some special roles for men and women to be played according their body built not according to their abilities and gifts.

Position of women in the Syrian Orthodox Church
It is very clear from the Holy Gospels the equality our Lord bestowed upon woman. His very ministry and company of the Holy apostles was founded and provided for financially in regards to the essentials of daily life by well to do women who were very prominent female disciples.

Role of Women in the Church
The ignorance of the vast majority of our lay people and clergy on the stand of the Syrian Orthodox Church's views about the role of women in the church are really very astonishing.


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