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God Unifies and Devil Divides

by Mathew Chacko

Jacobite and Orthodox faction of Holy Church has more reasons to unite than divide. We share the same tradition, same faith (apart from degree of loyalty towards Antioch and Petrine Supremacy), same liturgy, same sacraments, same forefathers..... numerous things in common, which favours unity rather than division. Why there is no discussion about unity? Why some laity and Church leaders are becoming stumbling blocks to unity, when majority favours unity through peace and co-existence? Unity will not happen overnight, a series of favourable actions from both factions can lead to it.

Church division was initiated at clergy level; laity had no choice but take sides in the dispute. It is not the dispute between laity which divided Church. Therefore any peace initiatives and unity talks should start at the clergy level. Let them unite first and rest would fall in place. Though no church is perfect, if our Church simply goes with the flow and fail to set examples - Why should I be part of it?

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