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What are the hurdles in out of court settlement?

by Very Rev. Mani Rajan Corepiscopa

What are the hurdles in out of court settlement?

1. Can the 1934 constitution be accepted as it is?
2. Is the 1934 constitution binding when it comes to parish churches?
3. Will the churches having trust deeds and gift deeds be absorbed by the 1934 constitution?
4. Will the churches established under the society act be affected by an out of court settlement?
5. Who has the right to enter into an agreement (out of court settlement) when it comes to individual churches?
6. Who has the control and authority over all parish churches?
7. Are plaintiffs and respondents the same in the church cases?
8. Can the validity of excommunication in 1975 be revoked as matter of belief and faith?
9. The IOC wants all churches in Malankara, who can stop from the claim?
10. Will the findings of the 1995 SC judgment be accepted as articles of 1934 constitution?

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