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Unity Among Own People

by: Dr. P. George K John

Talking about unity among the faithful of Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church creates confusion because these faithful attend the sacraments together, eat together and live together. The division is seen in court cases and public meetings. The points of differences are not seen any where in the liturgy. In short, the public agglutinate to a faction because of local majority opinion to safeguard the social decorum and peace. Those who are extremists become martyrs for that group only, not for the holy church.

It is now an accepted fact that the fight is for property and authority. No group takes interest in helping the needy. Every missionary work like educational institutions, hospitals, orphanages etc. has become the projects of material wealth. Jesus appointed servants of church and they have become the masters of church.


Will this Christmas bring PEACE in earth? How many parishes will witness the fight among own people while reciting 'thalamurakal thorum ..........'

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It is not the dispute between laity which divided Church. Therefore any peace initiatives and unity talks should start at the clergy level.

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I love God and my church and wish to die in the true faith of my true forefathers passed on to me. I couldnít digest the century old disputes between two fractions in the Malankara Syrian orthodox community in India and the Diaspora in all over the continents.

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If I had to sum up in one word the dispute between factions in the One Holy Apostolic Church, I would call it "absurd". I cannot, with clear conscience, call one Jacobite and the other Orthodox.

What are the hurdles in out of court settlement?

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