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Life in Christ - Message of Great Lent from Holy Father (2011)
Apostolic Bull for Great Lent -2011
The holy gospel is a reliable record of the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ in words and deeds during His divine economy in the flesh. It does not impose on us orders. It does not give us commandments to blindly hold to. It does not list prohibitions. Rather, it presents to us Jesus Christ as a living paradigm to longue for and a model to pursue carrying His cross. We shall follow Him so that we obtain eternal life through Him.

by HH Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iwas, Patriarch of Universal Syrian Orthodox Church and All The East
Fasting is a voluntary act of abandoning worldly life. It is a sign of manís obedience to, and respect of Godís laws and his observance of Godís offices by his voluntary abstinence from food or drink for a specific period of time.

Great Lent - A Time for Spiritual Renewal in Jesus Christ
The Church gives us Great Lent to be renewed, to escape the dreariness and weariness of life, and enter into the bright joy of life in Jesus Christ.

Great Lent: A Season of Renewal for All
Prophet Isaiah was emphatic in arguing that lent and fasting are not just pious "obligatory Observances" for the people of God, but a tremendous transforming force. Being mortal and feeble, humans need periodic renewal of body, mind and soul. How is this possible?

The Number and Days of Fasts
There are a number of fasts in the Syrian Orthodox Church and often many questions are asked from the part of the believers as to the dos and don'ts in the fasts, the beginning, duration, and ending of the fasts etc.

The Material Benefits of Fasting
In accordance with the fact that Bar Ebroyo himself was a doctor, he underlines through a quotation from the doctors of his time that fasting improves the health of the body.

The Efficacy of Fasting and the Different Categories of Fasting.
According to Bar Ebroyo, the fasting may be defined in terms of time, of the kind of food or in terms of both time and food, and they are the three different categories of fasting.

God Shut Noah and Family in before the Flooding began
Since Noah walked with God during his life before the Great Flood, he certainly knew about this key point which made him leave God's job for God. There, we see an equilibrium between God's will and Noah's obedience or submission.

Some Thoughts On The Holy Lent In Relation To The Nature
Each rubric of the liturgy is meticulously designed in such a manner as to go in tune with the episodes of the incarnation of Christ and in tandem with the tempo of the Nature where we live. It is surprising that liturgical seasons of the church happen more or less in the same timing as that of the natural seasons.

The essence of Lent: Learning and struggling to bend our knees, mend our hearts, and lend our hands
The prayers during lent remind us that there is no use of observing lent if we do not change inside. No amount of abstinence from food and other things will help us in any way if we do not bring about a renewal inside us.

Great Lent in Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch
During the period of the Great Lent and other periods of fasting throughout the year, an individual makes a special attempt or connection to reach our God, and evaluate his calling as a Christian, to listen to the voice of the Gospels and heed its commandments.

Lent - An Explanation for Children
Fasting, prayer, confession, reconciliation, Holy Communion, charity and capping with love are the steps to reach and experience the resurrected Jesus in person.

Lessons from Zacchaeus - Importance of Lent
During this Great Lent, Jesus is asking us to learn from Zacchaeus to realize our weaknesses and find remedies to them as he did. We must realize our shortness in spiritual life, the falls we had in the past and the sins we committed which together made us unable to see Christ directly.

Third Friday of Great Lent and Annunciation to St. Mary Devotional
Humility is what we need to become faithful Christians. If we carefully examine ourselves we may observe that almost always we are trying to justify, defend, exalt or praise ourselves in our interactions with others and sometimes even before God, knowingly or unknowingly. This focus on self - our ego - can often keep us from hearing God's voice and prevent us from being faithful in our walk with God.

Fasting Guidelines during Great Lent for Orthodox Christians
We Orthodox Christians, in obedience to the words of our Divine Savior, and in imitation of the saints, set aside a period of intense fasting and prayer in order to purify our spiritual senses so we may see the Holy Resurrection.

Real Fasting
When we have gone through the labor of fasting, we forfeit not the crown of fasting, we should understand how, and after what manner, it is necessary to conduct this business; since that Pharisee also fasted, but afterwards went down empty, and destitute of the fruit of fasting.

The Spirituality of Lent
There are two different ways of looking at this fast because there are two different versions of these forty days, or forty segments of time, in the Scriptures. One is the blessing of the revelation of what it is that we need to do in service to God and to humanity. And the other is of the purification that needs to happen for God to set things straight in us and around us.

Great Lent
We Syriac Christians observe 50 days lent in preparation for the celebration of the resurrection of our Lord on Easter Sunday.

The Patriarchal Encyclical of the Holy Great Lent 2010
The time for the Forty Days Holy Great Lent has arrived. It is a golden opportunity offered by our mother holy church to examine ourselves, to refrain from vices, uphold virtues, and return to God with repentance. Like the eagle training his young ones to soar high in the air, so does the holy church is training the faithful to soar in spiritual heights, giving them the graceful means to be liberated from earthly gravity that attracts them.

Study: Monthly fasting may help heart
A study in Utah, where the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is based, found that people who skipped meals once a month were about 40 percent less likely to be diagnosed with clogged arteries than those who did not regularly fast.

Fasts and Feasts in Mar Thoma Church: Fire for the Journey of Faith
There are a growing body of data from the causal conversations with members of the church indicate that approximately more than fifty percentage of members are not confident on the place of 'fast and feasts' in the liturgical life of the church.

Fasting is a Great Weapon for Christians

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Prayer Book for the Great Lent

Aghni Parthene - O Pure Virgin
Russian Orthodox Devotional especially chanted during the Lent Season

Prayer for Lent - Reconciliation

Psalm 51 - Repentance Prayer

A reconciliation prayer for the great lent

Lenten Prayers of St. Nersess

Saint Benedict: Prayer for Guidance

Bible Studies:

Isaiah 58 - True Fasting
Includes Matthew Henry's Commentary and John Wesley's Explanatory Notes on Isaiah 58. Isaiah 58 tells about a true lent or fasting that is pleasing to our Lord.
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Great Lent Articles from

Why Should We Observe the Lent and Fasting?
We should keenly look forward to the Lent- because the purpose of Prayer & Fasting is to defeat the Satan.

On Prayer: Patriach Encyclical
It is customary since ancient times for the Patriarch of Antioch to issue a lengthy encyclical for the Great Lent exhorting the faithful to observe the lent in its true spirit. Here is one on prayer.

The Great Lent- An Opportunity for Us to Cleanse Our Mind, Body and Soul
While confessing, repenting and seeking forgiveness, we too should prepare ourselves to forgive others. In that way, let us get rid of all the ill-feelings from our mind and purify it, so that the heavenly peace can enter our hearts and stimulate us, to lead a true Christian life.

True Nature of Fasting
The primary aim of fasting is to make us conscious of our dependence upon God. It is to lead us to a sense of inward brokenness and contrition; to bring to us to the point where we appreciate the full force of Christ's statement, `Without Me you can do nothing.' 

Synopsis for Sermons and Meditations During the Lenten Period
A great tool to help us cleanse ourselves of our hurtfulness. Covers faith, love, forgiveness, repentance, mercy, and more.

St. John Chrysostom on Fasting

Miracle at Cana
On the first day of Great Lent the Holy Church introduces Jesus as the Creator of Universe. Faithful is on a spiritual pilgrimage with Jesus Christ knowing Him as Creator, Divine healer, Lord of Sabbath, Light of the world, Life-giver, Triumphant ruler and the one and only atoning sacrifice for the redemption of humanity. The pilgrimage culminates in the glorious resurrection of Jesus Christ, hope of eternal life.

Holy and Great Lent/Catechetical Homily
Our Church through the Holy Fathers designates that each year the season of Great Lent be set aside as a time for repentance. Although repentance is necessary every day and every hour, during Lent our Church invites us to experience repentance in a deeper sense.

Passion Week Articles from

Passion Week Thoughts
I would like to lead a meditation based on the reading from St. Luke Chapter 5 verses 1-11. There we find how St. Peter, the blessed Apostle identified himself soon on meeting our Lord.

Events in the Passion week
with Biblical References (Spring AD 30 -approximately)

Meaning of the Palm Sunday Services
Like the Virgins who waited for the Lord, the Church is also waiting with fasting and prayer for the arrival of its Lord and Savior the Kingdom of God. The present fasting, prayer and everything of the Church is to welcome Jesus as the Lord and King.

Meaning of Passion Week
What does passion week mean to us? It is more than just an annual remembrance of the passion - the pain and suffering, crucifixion, death, and resurrection of our Lord - for all of us.

When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
The passion week is the time when we are supposed to survey the wondrous Cross and study the pain and suffering our Lord had to endure or experience to save us and to give us a place in Paradise just like He gave it to one of the thieves who was crucified with Him.

The Meaning of the Cross
Although the cross reveals the ugliness of human heart, it also reveals God's grace and forgiveness. It was on the cross God himself laid upon our sins upon His own dear Son, Jesus Christ. On that cross, Jesus paid the penalty of our sins.

Devotional Thoughts for Easter
If one would call the greatest event in Christian history, that event will be the Resurrection of our Lord.  The greatest of the miracles is the Resurrection and the greatest of the mysteries also is the Resurrection.

Easter Greetings
The message of Easter is the good tidings. Jesus is risen. It is a good news for the whole world. It proclaims Jesus?victory over death. It is the victory of all those who accept the good news.

The Easter Sermon of St. John Chrysostom

Easter Message from Baghdad, Iraq
The life and teachings of Jesus have inspired people throughout the ages to strive for a better world and a more meaningful life. Jesus' death stands out in history as the perfect example of unconditional love.

The Point of the Passion
Iíve been thinking a lot about The Passion of the Christ the past few weeks and have heard mixed reviews and comments regarding much of the information presented in the film.

Who Killed Jesus
Who killed Jesus? You and I did. Jews, Christians, and every person who has been born or will be born.

The Passion of the Christ: Review of the Movie - From a Christian Perspective
In my opinion, the move is exceptionally good in depicting the last 12 hours of Jesus Christ. It truthfully depicts what is in the Gospels; a few artistic liberties were taken, however, without affecting what is portrayed in the bible. And these are kept absolutely to a minimum.

The Passion of The Christ: Another Review
When I sat down this evening to write a review of The Passion of The Christ, you must imagine how profound it is for me that I am struggling with words and with the very idea of having to write about this movie. To say I am at a loss doesn't begin to express how inadequate I feel to even attempt to convey all that this movie is.

Passion of Christ- Mel Gibson's Act of Faith
Mr. Gibson emerged as a man with strong convictions about his faith as he detailed his own passions for alcohol, drugs etc. which brought him close to suicide once. On TV, he witnessed how Christ's passion helped him overcome his battles in life.

The Medical view of His suffering
Here is a look at the conditions Jesus underwent during his passion from a medical point of view. 

Why Is The Resurrection Significant?
It is through Christ's death and resurrection that we are able to receive eternal life through belief in Jesus Christ.fake Rolex watches

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