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Great Lent - Evening Prayer - Eesha Nadha

This is the Malayalam translation of the Syriac hymn by Mor Jacob of Serugh that is sung during the evening prayers (vespers) during the Great Lent in the Malankara Syriac Orthodox Church.

English Translation:

We call upon Thee, Lord our master, come to our help;
hear our petition and have mercy on our souls.

Lord of angels and watchers, Lord our Master, hear our
petition and have mercy on our souls.

Father, Son and Holy Spirit, enlighten our mind.
In faith I knock at Thy door, answer me in Thy mercy.

Open my eyes to behold Thy truth and worship Thy holy name.
Protect my youth as I have trusted in Thy mercy.

Give to me, Lord, a pure heart. Grant to my intellect the
wisdom of salvation from Thy absolute perfection.

Vest me with spiritual weapon against the evil one.
Seal me with Thy holly name and deliver my life from destruction.

I have followed Thee with love for Thy goodness, May I not
ashamed. Hover Thy right hand over me, Lord, as usual ........

My Master and merciful Father I intend to belong entirely to Thee, and I adore Thee.

I have obtained the mercy and grace that I prayed for.
Like a merchant let my intellect collect the good from Thy
treasures. May I not be ashamed.

Give me the true book for me to read. I am Thy servant, Lord,
and the son of Thy handmaid. Give me life because of Thy holy name.

I received Thy sacred body and drunk Thy precious blood; let me live by Thee.
Let Thy holy cross (+) be a fortress protecting me from deception.

I have called upon Thee and prayed to Thee, Lord.
Hover Thy right hand over me.

O Good Shepherd! make me a lamb of Thy flock. Glory to Thy name,
Father of the world and kind of life; like oblation let my prayers enter before Thy majesty.

Thou who hear all and accept the petitions, listen to our prayers and have mercy on us.

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