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Christian Prayers

Selected Christian Prayers

Rosary: The Hail Mary

Litany of the Blessed Virgin

Litany of the Sacred Heart

Prayer for Peace by Mother Teresa

Radiating Christ By Cardinal Newman

I offer up unto Thee my prayers and intercessions By Thomas A Kempis

Light Up The Small Duties Of This Day's Life By St. Augustine

Morning Prayer to the Holy Trinity

Morning Prayer of Metropolitan Philaret of Moscow

Morning Prayer of Thanks

Morning Prayer By St. Basil the Great

The Rule of Prayer by St. Seraphim of Sarov

I Praise Thee, O God, For All Thy Blessings

Prayer by St. Basil the Great

Grant Me That Devotion And Love To Thee

Prayer for the Acceptance of God's Will by Metropolitan Philaret of Moscow

Prayer for Forgiveness

Evening Prayer by St. Antioch

Evening Prayer by St. Macarius the Great

Evening Prayer for the Forgiveness of Sins

O Lord, Give Us More Charity By Henry Alford

Thou Art Our God Everlasting

Lord, Teach Me The Art Of Patience By Thomas Fuller

Still He Walked!! Meditation on the Crucifixion of Christ

A Prayer For Weight Loss By Lynn

The Glory Be To The Father

The Apostles' Creed

An Act Of Faith

An Act Of Hope

An Act Of Love

An Act Of Contrition

Mealtime Prayers

A Prayer of Remembrance

Prayer for Those Affected by Physical, Sexual, Political or Emotional Violence

A Table Blessing (Meal Time Prayer) From Brazil

Episcopal Church: Servants of Peace

Prayer for Peace - Anglican Maori Liturgy From The New Zealand

A prayer for Peace and Hope from Taiwan

Catholic prayer: The Memorale

Grace For Groups By  Rev. Marcy Sheremetta (Niagara)

Jesus, lead me in the darkness By Alice Stephens

Meditation on John 3:16

Special Christmas Prayer for Peace and Reconciliation

Prayer for New Year - 2003 By The Rev. Kenneth W. Chalker,
First United Methodist Church

Prayer for New Year - 2003 By Mother Ana, Serbian Orthodox Church

Prayer for New Year - 2003 By The Rev. Paula Maeder Connor, Lutheran Church

Prayer for New Year - 2003 By The Rev. Larry Macon Sr. Mount Zion Church

Prayer for New Year - 2003 by The Rev. Mark DeNardo, St. Patrick Church

Prayer To Saint Jude

Prayer To Focus on Christ

A reconciliation prayer for the great lent (Christian, Orthodox)

Affirmation of Faith (Christian) by Kate Compston, England

I Wept by Paul Ciniraj

Still He Walked: Meditation on Jesus Christ's walk to Calvary and His Crucifixion

Daily Prayer By Mother Teresa

A Prayer By Henry Wadsworth Long Fellow

Christ's Cross - A Celtic Prayer

Meditations On The Cross

Litany for Peace by Dr. Paulos Mar Gregorios

Prayer for Peace by Dr. Paulos Mar Gregorios

The Great Invocation

God Our Protector (Based on Psalm 91)

Answer to Jabezís prayer

Prayer to St. Mary Recommended by Mother Teresa

Intercessionary Prayer to St. Mary Used by Mother Teresa

My Prayer

Healing Prayer: Breathe on Me, Breath of God

Healing Prayer: While I can

Healing Prayer: My Body That Is Sick Unto Death

Prayer when loved ones die: There are no dead people

Prayer at the Death of Loved One

Prayer for Friends

Thanksgiving Prayer

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving to Christ: Saint Anselm

Thanksgiving Psalm: Psalm 135

Thanksgiving For All God's Gifts: Catholic Church

Thanksgiving Prayer - Fridy

In Thanksgiving: Catholic

Make my soul to mirror Thee

Have mercy upon us

Prayer: Indian Orthodox Church

Prayer From A Trusting Soul: Catholic

The Patience Of God

A Universal Prayer: Christian

Lead Gently, Lord

A City of God

Prayer For Travelers: Catholic Church

Prayer For A Journey: Catholic

Benediction: Indian Orthodox Church

Christmas Prayer - Brookes

Christmas Prayer - Fridy

Prayer of the Midnight Service

Prayer for Occasions such as New Years Day etc.

Prayer for Inner Peace

Deep Peace: Gaelic blessing

Prayer For Peace And Unity: Acceptance

Prayer For Diverse Blessings

Prayer for Love

Prayer For The Gift of The Spirit (Love, Joy, Peace)

More Prayers

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