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Christian Prayers

Selected Christian Prayers

A Christian Prayer for Peace

Hymn of a Grateful Heart: Psalm 137

In Praise of Virginity by Ephrem of Edessa (Praise to St. Mary)

Eastern Orthodox Church: Prayer for Healing

Eastern Orthodox Church: Prayer In Time Of Trouble

Prayer of Faith when Sick: My Heart Yearns For Him

A Prayer For One Who Is Sick

Prayer for Healing: My Body That Is Sick Unto Death

Modified Jesus Prayer

Prayers Of The Bible

Let the light of Thy wisdom and knowledge shine in the souls of those who seek Thee - Orthodox Prayer

Prayer for the Helpless

Prayer for Those Unheard

I Devote My Life and Everything in Your Service

Prayer of Adoration

Christian Prayer for Healing

Healing Prayer

Prayer For Health and Healing

Christian Prayer for Healing and to Release Self from Satan and All Evil Spirits

Prayer to Save from Evil

Prayer for Protection from Evil

Prayer to Save From Evil Spirits

Prayer to Deliver from Evil

Prayer Against Every Evil

Prayer For Deliverance

Prayer for Peace

Christian Prayer for Peace

Prayers in time of war

Prayer for Peace

Prayer for Troops

Prayer for Prosperity

Affirmations for Prosperity

Prayer for Peace

Prayer for Peace

Prayer in time of war

Prayer for Friends

Blessed Christmas - includes opening prayer used at Church of Nativity

Prayer for the New Year

A Simple Prayer

Prayer of Repentance - Orthodox Church

Prayer of Supplication - Orthodox Church

Angelic Hymn, Hymn of St. Athanasius. Orthodox Church

Morning Prayer, Orthodox Church

Prayer of Repentance, Orthodox Church

Communion Song (Catholic Church)

God Forgives Us (Catholic Penitential Rite)

Gloria (Catholic Prayer)

Help me to spread Thy fragrance - A Prayer by Mother Teresa

A Simple Path - A Prayer by Mother Teresa

Lead Me to Peace - A Prayer by Mother Teresa

A Prayer of Children

Worship to your Word

Take me, O Lord

Change Us

Ask For your Kingdom, Power, and Glory

LORD is my Lover

Show Me the Truth

Help Me

A true and fruitful branch - Mother Teresa

Mother's Evening Prayer

It is only by dying with you that we can rise with You - Mother Teresa

Prayer of St. Patrick

Make us worthy Lord - Mother Teresa

Dear Heavenly Father

My God, My God - Mother Teresa

Lenten Prayers of St. Nersess

Thank You Lord

Prayer to St. Mary

Annunciation to St. Mary - Orthodox Prayer

Christian Prayer

O God Hear Our Prayer

The Quietness Of Prayer

Prayer For Someone Who Is Ill

Prayer for Healing

Intercession for a Friend

Just for Today

Prayer to Do God's Will

Deliver Us From Fear

Prayer to St. Joseph

Lord, teach us how to pray!

To Thee our prayers ascend

Blessed Jesus, Blessed Jesus!

Make in my heart a quiet place

Christian Prayer for the Sick

Christian Prayer for Shelter Against the Storm

The Cross

The Seven Second Prayer

Have mercy on me a sinner by St. Nonnus

Lord Guide Us to You

African Hymn, 10th century

Prayers by Leofric

Give us steadfast hearts by Kempis

Te Deum (We praise Thee)

Te Deum Laudamus

In Thanksgiving - A Catholic Prayer

Prayer From A Trusting Soul - Catholic Prayer

Thanksgiving To Christ

Prayer for Others

Come, Holy Spirit

A General Confession

More Prayers

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