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Christian Prayers

Selected Christian Prayers

Glory be to thee

Prayer For The Terminally Ill

Prayer for the Forgiveness Of Sins

Light our path Your way

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Prayers before a meal

Hymn of Strength

A Prayer Service for Victims of the Asian Tsunami

God is Our Refuge --- Psalm 46 - A Meditation

A Sacrifice of Thanksgiving: A Meditation on Psalm 50

The dishonesty of denying God's existence: A Meditation on Psalm 53

Intercession to St. Mary

Prayer for the Departed Soul

An Orthodox Christian Prayer to Theotokos

Morning Prayer of the Opthina Elders

St. Patrick's Breastplate

Lord, save me from my sins

Eucharistic prayer of Mar Philexenos

A Meditation of Psalms 105 and 106

A Meditation of Psalm 104

A Meditation of Psalm 103

A Meditation of Psalm 1

Thanksgiving Prayer

Holy Communion Prayers

Christian Prayer for the Healing and the Blessing

Prayer to use when someone passes away

Evangelism Prayer

Jesus Prayer

Meditative Prayer to Jesus

Thanksgiving Prayer from Armenia

Speaking with God from the Depths of the Heart - Part 1

Speaking with God from the Depths of the Heart - Part 2

Prayer To The Eternal Father

Supplication To The Holy Spirit

A Prayer By Mor Philoxinus Of Mabugh

A Prayer By Mor Isaiah The Hermit

My Soul Magnifies (The Glorification of the Virgin Mary)

Thank You Lord - A Prayer of Thanksgiving

Prayer for Peace

Prayer for a Sick Priest/Bishop etc.

Prayer for Those Who Mourn

A New Year Prayer

Akathist (Standing Up) Hymn to Jesus Christ

A Prayer for Unity

Excerpts from the Lent Evening Service - Syrian Orthodox Church

Prayers During the Great Lent

The Lenten Prayer of St Ephrem the Syrian

The voice of a sighing heart

My heavy laden soul . . . how can I describe you?

A new book of psalms sings with urgency through me

Litany for Peace

Prayer for Peace

A Prayer from the Desert

Another Prayer from the Desert

Prayer of Ephraim the Syrian

Prayer for Sick

Prayer for Church

Blessed Be

Prayer for All Souls Day

Prayer for Bereaved Parents

Prayer to strengthen us during difficult times

Prayer for One Who Has Passed

For Those Who Have Died

A Commendation at the Time of Death

The Burial of the Dead: Rite One

Prayer for a Burial Ceremony

Prayer At the Burial of a Child

Give Ear, O Lord, to My Prayer

Give Us Grace

Make Me Brave for Life

Your Love and Your Grace by St. Ignatius of Loyola

Surround Me With Your Light

A New Zealand Prayer of Repentance

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