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Denho English Procession Song

Denho Procession Song - 1

Praising song of Baptist John
Heard loud in River Jordan.

Here is Godís begotten Son
Lamb and beloved Son of God.

Godís Holy Ghost upon Him
Descended as tender dove.

Godís own people and gentiles
All of you of different tongues.

Glorify Him with Praises
Adore Him ever and ever more.

Denho - Procession Song 2

Beloved brothers let us go
And see Godís begotten Son.

River Jordan gave Him place
He is being baptized there.

Since water gave him a place
Lord blessed water abundantly.

Lord ascended in water
That gave water holiness.

Servant John was ordered to
Lay his hand upon his Lord.

Servant laid his right hand on
Masterís head and exhorted :

In whose Holy name should I
Baptize Godís begotten Son ?

If I do in Fatherís name;
Father does exist in Son.

If I do in Godís Sonís name
He is the only begotten Son.

If in name of The Holy Ghost
It is from Father and Son.

Trinity means Three in One
Praise to the Holy Trinity.

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Source: Ronnie Daniel - Toronto

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