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Epiphany Prayer


O Lord God, Maker of all beings and Creator of the visible and invisible creation, Who established the mansions of light for the dwelling of the heavenly hosts and by Your goodwill You created the second world. Also you created the light first of all in order that the whole creation be filled with it. You stretched the heavens like a curtain, decorating it with the beautiful stars; You laid the beams of Your chamber in the waters and made the clouds Your chariot. You laid the foundation of the earth carefully on the waters and decorated it with different kinds of blossoms; and by the water which comes from above, You cause the different kinds of fruits to grow, and by the springs which become running rivers, You water the surface of the earth; and through Your divine dispensation, You provided the whole creation with the necessary provisions in order to keep alive all species that You created.

Then You created man in Your own image and in Your own likeness; making him the king of Your creation. When he fell down from his great office, through his negligence, You brought him back to his divine rank by Your coming in the flesh, washing away, by the second birth, the impurity which had defiled him.

Do You, even now, O Lord, Who have brought us to this hour, be with us and among us by driving away from our souls all the darkness of ignorance.

Fill us with the light which is beyond the world, guiding us unerringly to the all-perfect Light which, beyond all understanding, proceeds from the Holy Trinity.

Enlighten our minds by the rays of Your light, that we may be worthy to become children of light.

May Your Holy Spirit, by indwelling upon these waters, turn them into a fount of healing; fill them with the gifts of holiness that they may be a source of help for those who receive them.

Set us free from disgraceful passions.

Blot out our sins; make white our stains and cleanse our defilements; wash us thoroughly that we may become whiter than snow, that we may be pure and worthy of Your light.

Make us worthy to stand with confidence before Your dreadful seat of judgment and to receive Your mercies and loving-kindness and to stand at the right hand of your majesty; make us wholly arrayed in Your light, even in the likeness of Your Godhead, for you alone are the Giver of divine gifts.

To You be glory and dominion from all the creation that is in heaven and earth, and to Your Father and to Your life-giving Holy Spirit, both now and forever.

+ Amen. +

Source: "Madedono: The Book of Church Festivals" (English 1984)
Courtesy of: Fr. John Brian Paprock, Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Mission, Madison, Wisconsin

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