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Prayer for Peace in Church

My Father in heaven

Your disciples went around the world to spread your word as you asked. With your permission St. Thomas came to India and started Christianity. You always had a special care to St. Peter and you made him the main among the twelve. They baptized people to be with you and taught them to follow you. They established our churches. But, my lord, today your church became the houses of traders, and thieves.

Today we are fighting to each other; we fight to our brothers and sisters, father and mother, our priests and bishops. We use harsh words and cry for the blood of each other because of the never ending "Sabha Case". Our the very purpose of going church became debating "Sabha Case" and at the end of the day we forget to pray even a minute, we forget to read your bible or learn your words though we spend hours in your church. We carry weapons to our church. Our priests and bishops do not get time to preach your gospel, as they are busy in Police Station and courts and other materialistic affairs, except a few.

My Father in heaven please come as early as possible to stop this hatred and fight and oust all those traders and thieves just as what you did at Jerusalem Church to establish your kingdom.

My Lord you created us as human beings and we possess the ego, the weakness and the temptation of the materialistic world. Though we know we are wrong, these ego, temptation and weakness hold us from being your sons and daughters. Our Lord, you are the one with abundant mercy like water in the sea, stars in the sky. Whereas we are the sinners, and we pray in front of your mercy. My Lord do not let us to be in the world of Fire. Our sin and we are little in front your mercy. My Lord you said to the thief at your right side "Today you will be with me in the Paradise". Have mercy on us and save us to your heaven when you come, like what you did to the thief crucified at your right side.

My Father in heaven I pray for all those who follow you, who teach us you. I pray for our Bishops and priests. I pray for all who belong to us and our family. Have mercy on us to be part of your heavenly world and forgive our sin of "Sabha Case" when you come.


Source: Sajy Thannikottu, Kathmandu

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