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Private Prayer to be Said on the Nativity Lent

by George Achen, Ireland

Dearly beloved in Christ,

The Lent of the Nativity (Advent Lent) begins on December 1, and ends on Christmas Day. This is the season of preparation. `Advent' is a Latin word meaning `a coming, or arrival'. This is the season to prepare for the arrival of Jesus. Let this season be a blessed one for each one of us.

By fasting, let's set up some space in our hearts to receive our Lord Jesus Christ who was born in the City of David some 2000 years ago.

I hope and pray that you would observe this lent in all seriousness and sincerity.

Here is a Prayer to be said on the Nativity Lent.

O our Lord Jesus Messiah, the Son of God who was born of Woman and had bruised the head of the evil Serpent, and was seen as the son of Abraham on the earth and had opened the doors of mercy for all generations of the world!

Accept this lent that we observe to the glory of the feast of thy nativity like the offerings of the kings from the East. Together with the angels who adored thee at Bethlehem on the day of thy condescension and with the humble shepherds who bowed down before thee in their simplicity, make us worthy to offer Worship to thy worthiness on the holy Christmas day. By thy enlightening light of truth, on this ephemeral era of thy first advent in meekness, help us to live a life adorned with the garments of light leaving aside all forces of darkness.

Thus, O our Lord and God! May we be risen up for eternal life on thy glorious second coming and along with thy holy mother and all saints and angels to raise praises to the majesty of the holy Trinity!


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