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English translation of "sodarare Kelppin"

"sodarare kelppin"

Hymn "sodarare kelppin" - originally written in Malayalam by the late lamented Perumpilly Mor Gregorious Geevarghese, Metropolitan of Kottayam diocese and President of Holy Synod of the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church.

Translated by Jose Kurian Puliyeril

Hear ye brethren,
Assemble together and listen
Accept this holy message of
Lord with due respect.
Godly sacrifice that saved us
From the original sin
How respectable it is
The joyous holy sacrifice.
Our Lord sacrificed himself
Replacing the animal sacrifice
Offered by the tribal fathers,
Prophets and early forefathers.

The Mosaic sacrifices and all such
Were wiped out totally
With the sacrifice of Messiah
The lamb of God Almighty
The traditional sacrifice is
Replaced on the Godly throne
By the bread and wine as the matter
Of Messiah’s sacrifice
Messiah handed over to Apostles
As in the order of Melkisedek

The word of God incarnated
To forgive the sin of Adam
As per the will of God the Father
Remained in the womb of St. Mary
In the perfection of time
St. Mary delivered Him
As a miracle in the manger
Of Bethlehem.
On the eve of His sacrifice
Our Lord revealed to His Apostles
And entrusted three of them
To arrange the feast of Passover

On the day of Passover,
Mansion of St. James was arranged
Messiah reached there
With His blessed Apostles
Jesus washed their feet
And made them seated
Put an end to old Passover
And started the new Passover
He told them like this:
As I being your Lord and Master
Washed away your sins,
You too do mutually.

Lord, who created Adam with the mud
Took the leavened bread,
The real New Testament, in his hands
And praised God the Father
He blessed and broke it
By sharing the same among them,
He told them like this:
You eat my flesh
Which is broken for the
Redemption of you and all others.

After the supper,
Messiah took the Chalice of life,
Filled equally with
Grape juice and water
Praised the Father
And blessed it and said,
“Drink from the chalice
Of the New Testament”
This is my blood
Showered for the forgiveness
Of sins of you and many others

Messiah started this divine
And holy sacrifice
In this way granting permission
To disciples to continue the Sacrifice
As a great mystery
Until His second coming
Come and partake
And gain the divine gift
Brethren, make sure of
Your own spiritual holiness

Lord instructed:
When one might come
To offer the sacrifice
Must reconcile with his Brethren,
Whom he doubts of having enmity
And only afterwards
Sacrifices of peace to be offered.
If one cannot love a visible brother
How he would offer the sacrifice
To the Lord of Love
Who is invisible to human eyes

With the love always love
Each other and mutually
Let the world examine
My disciples in this way
Preach my gospel
Till the end of the world
Shine all over the world
As my true witnesses
I am the true vine and
You all are the branches
Let you bear fruits
Of good grape vines.

I am the light of the world and
You must shine in me
And you must make
Others to shine
With my brightness
This lamp should not fade
Until my second coming
Attract others for proclamation
Let all on earth
Shine with this brightness
I shall be with you all
Till the end of this world

When the day came
For our Lord’s entry to His Father’s presence
He told like this from the Mount Olive
Stretched His hand and
Delivered blessings to
Disciples by their Master
Holy Spirit will be sent
For the abiding life for ever

Remember ye Brethren,
that the Day of Judgment would arrive
The angels will use
The trumpets
Lord will arrived accompanied by
The Heavenly angels in the clouds of sky
In the valley of judgment
Throne of fire will be arranged
Messiah will judge sitting
On the throne of fire

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