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Devotional Thoughts for the Second Sunday after Christmas

by Jose Kurian Puliyeril

Reading: From the Gospel according to St. Luke 2: 40- 52

According to church calendar, this is the second Sunday after the Holy incarnation of our Lord and the first Sunday in the New Year. In today’s reading, we listen St. Luke’s narration that St. Joseph and St. Mary used to attend the main feast in Jerusalem temple. In today’s reading we hear about such a visit of St. Mary and St. Joseph when our Lord was 12 years old. It is needless to explain what had happened. But when they met our Lord, He asked them “How is it that ye sought me?”

It is sure and certain that our Lord is repeating the same question to each and every one of us, who might claim that we are much concerned about our Lord. Do we listen it? Or how many of us could hear the echo of this same question in our ears. Our Lord told St. Mary and St. Joseph that He has incarnated to perform the business of His Father in heaven. God sent His begotten son to the earth to re-instate man in the place from where he was forced to leave or flee. The blessed Church Fathers said that the son of God became son of man so that sons of men would become sons of God. Our Lord was entrusted with this task of salvation and re-installation of men in God. That is why our Lord incarnated and identified Himself to the natures of men except sin. He died on the cross and saved the entire mankind from the bondage of sin and death. He has provided everlasting life to one and all who might believe in Him and would be transformed as the son or daughter of God. Our Lord established all the sacraments and entrusted the Church to continue all the sacraments until His second coming, for the salvation and blessing of all members of the Church.

When one might read this scriptural portion might find fault with St. Joseph and St. Mary for not taking care of Lord Jesus. Such might accuse them saying that they did not bother to see that young Lord Jesus was with them always. Let us examine how we are caring our Lord, who has taken birth in our hearts. Let us examine how far we are serious about the savior and redeemer living in us. Are we not taking Him to all dirty and faulty businesses in which we are engaging day by day? Or are we taking care of sharing the responsibilities of Lord Jesus? In fact we have no right to find fault with anyone.

St. Joseph and St. Mary did not get upset or confused on hearing the comments of our young Lord and Savior because “they understood not the saying which he spoke unto them. And he went down with them,”

Let us be serious about His question, “How is it that ye sought me?” Let us try to increase our spirituality in a much better way. May God bless us all.

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