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Feelings and Emotions

by Rev. Fr. V.V. Paulose, Toronto, Canada

Today's Bible Verse

"Jesus wept." (John 11:35)


Does the society make you suppress your feelings and emotions?

God created human beings with wonderful feelings and emotions. Feelings need to be expressed freely and we need emotions to interact with others. Repression means that a person is holding back hurtful thoughts and feelings. It gets embedded in the subconscious mind and later it will burst into uncontrollable consequences. So sharing one's feelings and emotions can help you to release your suppressed hurtful feelings and hidden sorrows. The Lord wants you to be a total person using the full range of God-given feelings. The confession table is the arena to throw up all inner feelings, hurts, and emotions. Unfortunately, those tables are now-a-days empty. Family and friends who are ready to share and listen to each other's hurts and feelings are the best dais and medicine for reliving the hurt feelings and emotions. Jesus, in his life on earth expressed his joy, sorrows, and anger as a normal human being. Then why does his crown of creation not follow the same?

Aaron Kaplan, a survivor of holocaust had an in-depth interview with Yad Vashem, a journalist, after more than 60 years of the Second World War. He says, "I just wanted to thank you deeply for an interview you conducted with me here, at home, about my memories of the Holocaust. This interview allowed me to unburden myself of the heavy load I carried for over 60 years. In this interview, you have opened up additional, deep layer of complex, charged emotions."

Each one of us should be a patient listener to the feelings and emotions of others. Don't suppress your emotions. We should have a best trustful buddy always within our reach and this can be a friend, partner, sibling, son, daughter, or a priest . It is very pathetic for a person to leave this earth keeping all his feelings and emotions to himself.


Jesus, let us have somebody to hear our sorrows, emotions and feelings. We pray for those who have no one to share their problems and feeling with. Let them have somebody now. Please be near to hear them. Let us be a facilitator to those who are in need. All we ask in the name of Jesus.


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