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A Compassionate God

by Rev. Fr. V.V. Paulose, Toronto, Canada

Today's Bible Verse

"When the lord saw her, his heart over flowed with compassion, 'Don't cry' he said." (Luke 7:13)


Compassionate actions make differences in most hopeless conditions.

God is compassionate. He moves when his children are mowed and hurt in body and in spirit by the spirit of this world- destructive -always makes tears. God could and does literally change the sea of tears into the joy of heaven. Just like the first the day of spring blossoms after the last day of winter fades with out leaving a trace of winter snow. Jesus has great compassion on our pain, and he has the power to bring hope out of any tragedy - even death. God's compassion flows through human beings by their submission to listen the calling of God to take their own designated responsibilities. This could be done by anybody at any time under any circumstances not in accordance with their capabilities but by the faith in the power of God. We should not be on lookers at the sight of the plight of God's creations for good. We are in need for a generation who cry with those who cry and laugh with those who laugh.

In 1940's Calcutta could seem like hell on earth. More than 500,000 people literally died in the streets with sickness such as leprosy, tuberculosis, pneumonia and most of all poverty. Very hopeless situation! But Agnes now known as Saint Mother Terse believed that God was calling her to bring hope to these poor and down-trodden people. She said that her first day in the slums as meeting Christ. She met Christ face to face- the hungry Christ, the naked Christ, the sick Christ, the homeless Christ, etc.. She said that the touch of him in this distressing disguise gave her great joy, peace and strength. So, clad in a white sari edged with blue she began to set up shelters, hospitals and schools. They provided care for the hopeless people who could not get help anywhere else. They literally changed the face of Calcutta.

We could stand with the people who are in need of our presence and help - financially, emotionally, spiritually, physically. That will make a difference in the lives of distressed and hopeless people. Jesus' love and compassion makes a difference. When Jesus touches sick people, their lives are never the same.


Jesus, let us touch the sick and the needy by our compassionate hands and let there be a great difference in their lives. Let us cry with those who are in tears. Let no one pass from this world of distress with out your compassionate hand and love. We pray for all those who are the in ministry of compassion. Let the war industry and the construction projects of the Christian churches be used for the construction of dilapidated human body and soul. All we ask in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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