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St. Basil's Syriac Orthodox Church, Ohio

  January 2011
1 New Year Day/ Circumcision of Lord
6 Denho (Epiphany)
7 St. John the Baptist
8 St. Stephen, chief among the deacons and first of the martyrs
  February 2011
2 Presentation at the Temple
3 Mor Barsawmo (c. 457), the chief among mourners
13 St. Ignatius Elias III - Manjinikkara
14 Fast of Nineveh begins (3-day Lent)
15 Tuesday of the Fast of Nineveh
16 Prophet Jonah; Wednesday of the Fast of Nineveh
17 Thursday of the Fast of Nineveh
20 Kohne - Departed priests
24 Apostle Matthew, the Evangelist
27 Aneede - All Departed
  March 2011
6 Kothne, Sunday of the feast of Cana (Pethratha)
7 Great Lent begins
9 Forty Martyrs of Sebastia
13 Sunday of the leper
20 Sunday of the paralytic
25 Annunciation to Virgin Mary
27 Sunday of the Canaanite woman
30 Mid-Lent, Holy Cross
  April 2011
3 Sunday of the hunch-back woman
10 Sunday of the healing of the blind man
15 Fortieth Friday
16 Raising Lazarus
17 Palm Sunday
18 Holy Week Begins; The lights (Order of the entrance into heaven, the parable of the ten virgins)
21 Passover (Pesho - Maundy Thursday)
22 Good Friday (Veneration of the Cross, Friday of the Week of Passion)
23 Saturday of Good Tidings; St. George the Martyr
24 Easter; Resurrection
25 St. Mark the Evangelist
27 Mor Gregorius `Abd al-Jaleel of Jerusalem (St. Abdul Jaleel ), North Parur (1671)
29 Confessors
  May 2011
8 Apostle John, the Evangelist
10 St. Simon, the Disciple
20 Four Evangelists, Fathers of the three Holy Synods
  June 2011
2 Ascension
5 Sunday before Pentecost
11 St. Bartholomew, the disciple
12 Pentecost
17 Golden Friday
24 Birth of St. John the Baptist
26 Apostle's Fast Begins
29 Apostle's Fast Ends/ Apostles Peter and Paul (AD 67)
30 12 Apostles
  July 2011
3 Apostle Thomas, remains transferred to Edessa (AD 394)
5 Seventy-two disciples
  August 2011
6 Transfiguration
10 Shunoyo Lent Begins
15 Shunoyo (Assumption) /Lent Ends
29 Beheading of St. John the Baptist
  September 2011
1 8 Day Lent (ettu nombu) begins (optional Lent)
8 Birth of Virgin Mary; 8 Day Lent Ends
14 Feast of Sleebo (cross); Patriarchal day, Consecration of Patriarch H.H. Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iwas
  October 2011
2 Maphryono St. Baselius Yaldo (St. Baselios Yeldho), Kothamangalam (1685) - (Patron Saint of Baselios Church, Ohio)
18 St. Luke the Evangelist
30 Koodosh Eetho - Consecration of the Church, Beginning of the liturgical calendar year
  November 2011
1 All Saints Day (All Saints and Martyrs)
2 St. Gregorios of Parumala (1902)
6 Hoodosh Eetho - Renewal of the Church
13 Annunciation to Zachariah
20 Annunciation to St. Mary
21 Entrance of Virgin Mary into the Temple
24 Thanksgiving Day
27 St. Mary visits Elizabeth
  December 2011
1 Twenty Five Day Lent begins
4 Birth of John the Baptist
11 Annunciation (Revelation) to Joseph
15 Beginning of Advent
18 Sunday before Christmas; St. Thomas wounded by the spear
21 Martyrdom of St. Thomas (AD 72)
25 Christmas Day (Yeldho)
26 Lullabies (Glorification of the Mother of God)
27 Slaughter of the Holy Infants

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