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What Shall I Do To Be Saved?

By Rev. Dr. Curian Kaniyamparambil

Question 106. But these mediators were alive. But most of your saint-mediators are not alive. They are dead. How can they mediate or pray for you? "The dead do not praise the Lord." (Psalms 115:17)

This is a subject which by itself needs a careful study. Due to space constraints let me make it short. Those who are interested in further readings, please read my book Syrian Orthodox Church in India and its Apostolic Faith.

1) What is death?

The soul is separated from the body with death. Where are those people who died in Jesus Christ?

Are the dead able to hear Christ's voice? Yes, the dead can hear Him.

2) But can they talk to Him? The answer is YES.

Refer to Mat 17:1-8: And behold, Moses and Elijah appeared to them, 'conversing' with him." (Mat 17:3) What did they talk? They talked about His great suffering and crucifixion and that it would happen soon. It is believed that Moses died approximately in BC 1451 and Elijah was taken up in BC 896. We cannot deny the fact that Moses who died approximately 1400 years before Jesus Christ, and Elijah who was taken some 890 years before Jesus Christ, were talking to Jesus Christ. If the dead cannot talk, how did this happen?

Again if anyone still disbelieves, let me quote from Oswald Smith who established a modern church called the Peoples church based in Canada. In his book The battle for truth in page 14 to 27 he discusses what the dead does, how much they know about us, and whether they know us at all? Here is the summary of his discussion:

Is the dead conscious or sleeping?

We know that our Lord is mediating for us before God. He promised the apostles that they would follow Him and be where He is. Therefore the apostles are, with Him now. The thief who believed while on the cross is also with Him. Are all these people slumbering? Definitely not. 2 Cori 5:8 says, "Departing the body, I desire more to live with Christ The dead are with the savior whom they loved, strong and happy, and in an enlightened life.

3) Now the question is whether the dead remembers us or forgets us?

Joseph did not forget his father in the palace of Pharaoh! Moses did not forget the Israelites while in Pharos palace. The girl while in the palace of Naaiman, did not forget Elisha. (Likewise the witnesses mentioned in Heb 12:1). The just will not forget their loved ones if they move to another country or another continent. Likewise, our dead will not forget their loved ones if they move to another world. So our prophets and saints will never forget us, but always will be watching and praying for us.

4) Another question is, can we recognize the dead if we see them again?

The apostles recognized Moses and Elija at Mount Tabore. Saul the King recognized Samuel who was dead. Mary and the apostles recognized Christ after his resurrection. Stephen saw Christ in his glory. So the answer is yes, we can recognize the dead.

"The throne of God and the Lamb shall be in it; and his servants shall serve him, seeing his face and reigning forever and ever" (Rev 22:3-5). Daniel in the den of lions, Anania in the big fire, Peter on the cross, all glorified God because of their hope in the life after death. It is Jesus Christ who removed the curtain and showed the world what is beyond the grave.

The promises of our Lord:

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