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What Shall I Do To Be Saved?

By Rev. Dr. Curian Kaniyamparambil

Question 11. How did the Apostles teach the true faith?

They taught by word of mouth (not through writings). Jesus told them to teach (Mat 28:19) and they followed this command daily (Acts 5:42). Again in 1 Cori 4:17, Colo 1:28, The Bible specifies the requirements to become a priest or a bishop. The servant of the Lord must be exemplary and able to teach? (2 Tim 2:24) and again should be blameless, sober-minded, hospitable and able to teach?(1 Tim 3:2). St. Paul again says You should teach and order (1 Tim 4:11). They taught face to face (1 Cori. 11:34). Paul says, The one who teaches is compensated (Gala 6:6). From the above we can conclude that the Apostles taught by word of mouth.

The doctrines of faith, which the Apostles received from the Lord had been conveyed to us, either through the Gospels or by word of mouth through the Apostles. Some of the disciples of the Apostles had written down what they had heard from the apostles, but not everyone had written nor had all the doctrines been written down. Thus our divine tradition is what we have received from the Gospels, and through the word of mouth.

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