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By Rev. Dr. Curian Kaniyamparambil

Question 122. The Holy relics with the Syrian Orthodox Church

St. Ignatius was martyred for Jesus Christ in AD 107. He was thrown into a lion's den. It is written in AD 110 that, "Only harder part of his Holy relics were left and these were conveyed to Antioch and wrapped in linen as an inestimable treasure left to the Holy Church on account of the grace which was in the martyr." (Faith of Early Church Fathers)

St. Thomas received a girdle from St. Mary but the church had lost track of the girdle over a period of time. The supreme head of our church, Patriarch H.H. Ignatius Apram discovered a letter sent by the people of Homis in 1852, to the believers in Mardin. The letter said that St. Mary's girdle was discovered and is kept buried under the sanctum of the church in Homis. His Holiness opened the Sanctum and discovered writings on a marble plate. It was written This church was built in the time of the preacher called Malaya, [Elijah] in AD 59. They also found a stone vessel and a silver vessel. The girdle was found in it. As the news spread, researchers questioned its authenticity. They examined it and were unanimous in their opinion about its genuineness and about the age of the girdle. Now it is kept in the church with much respect.

Over a period of time the church remained, even though it's members were subjected to heinous persecution. Its membership declined dramatically. We were able to preserve these relics and also maintained St. Mark's home as a church. It was here Jesus Christ established the Eucharist, and had his Last Supper. This is where the apostles received the Holy Spirit. The apostles declared this as the first church and St. James celebrated the first Eucharist. The church praises the Lord for this.

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