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What Shall I Do To Be Saved?

By Rev. Dr. Curian Kaniyamparambil

Question 67. Are there Churches without Apostolic succession?

Lots of them! There are more churches and church members? without apostolic succession than churches with apostolic succession.

Based on our discussions so far, all such Christian communities have no right to call themselves as a church. After the reformation in the 16th century, many churches came into being. Some of them are:

Protestant Martin Luther 1524
Presbyterian John Knox 1560
Baptist John Smith 1600
Congregational Robert Brown 1600
Quackers George Fox 1647
Methodist John Wesley 1739
Brethren 1800
Disciples of Christ 1827
Salvation Army William Booth 1865
Sabbath William Miller 1844
Pentecostal G. Spirling 1884
Christian Science Mary Eddy 1879
Jehovah's witness C.T Russell 1870
God's Church Daniel Vernan 1884

Those who desire to study more, please refer to the following books 1) Pears Encyclopedia 2) The Christian faith 3) The cults.

Those who believe that Jesus Christ is God, should believe that:

We can see that by quoting a few sentences from the New Testament, one can create and form a new church. It is about time that we think about how A Single Bible created thousands of churches.

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