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What Shall I Do To Be Saved?

By Rev. Dr. Curian Kaniyamparambil

Question 73. Can anyone conduct the celebration of Holy Communion?

The answer is No. Christ asked the apostles to perform it (or persons appointed by the apostles); i.e. the persons who have the authority (ordained ones). (Please refer to previous questions)

There are people who say that they celebrate His Last Supper. Jesus Christ established the Holy Communion after the Last Supper. During this, the only people that were present were Jesus Himself and His twelve disciples (apostles). Though the word used is 'disciples', it was referring to the apostles, and not to all the disciples who followed Christ (In the gospels many a time the apostles were referred to as disciples. The apostles were also disciples who were chosen by Jesus Christ).

To these apostles Jesus Christ said "Do this in remembrance of me." Only they or people (elders or presbyters) appointed by them - by laying hands - were allowed to officiate. This is why St. Paul asked Titus to appoint elders for every town. From the apostolic times to the 15th century, no one except those authorized, dared to celebrate the breaking of Eucharist. But after the 15th century, people started to do anything and everything (Like celebration of the Holy Eucharist, or interpreting and altering the Holy Scriptures etc.) These people justify their authority to do so by assuming that they received their power directly from heaven as St. Paul had received. But St. Paul did not receive his authority directly from heaven. He received his authority from Ananias.

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