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What Shall I Do To Be Saved?

By Rev. Dr. Curian Kaniyamparambil

Table of Contents - Section 1


A Few Thoughts on Salvation


1. What must I do to be Saved?

2. Salvation from whom?

3. Non-Christians who were saved (The book of Acts)

4. Why should one believe in Jesus Christ?


5. What is the uniqueness of Jesus Christ?

6. Has the Church produced people who stated that Christ was not God?


7. What is faith?

8. What does it mean by 'believing in Jesus Christ?

9. If so, did the people who believe on the day of Pentecost or the Prison Administrator believe in all the above, before joining the Church?

10. How did these teachings of the Church (Faith) continue?

11. How did the Apostles teach the true faith?

12. What do the Apostles say about people who teach heresy, or about one that gives up the doctrine or teaches them partially (Perverts the Gospel)?

13. When one believes in Jesus Christ, what should be the basis of his/her belief?


14. Why should one accept the Bible as the basis?

16. In the various translations of the Bible, are there significant deviations from the original. If so why?

      What is its significance for a true believer?

17. Why this difference in translations?

18. Since most translations are distorted, which version is the original?

19. How different are the views of various Protestant groups who argue that the 'Bible is the only basis of faith?'

20. During the Apostolic times were there people who interpreted the Bible in their own ways?

21. But some people argue that St. John has permitted one to interpret by themselves and that 'no one needs to teach anything.' (1 John 2:27)

22. What are the dangers of self-interpretation?

23. The traditional Churches discourages its members from going to Protestant Churches. Is this

because they want their people to remain in their faith?

24. Isn't it good to hear the Lord's words from anyone? Why ban people?

25. What is wrong in saying that faith and belief is based only on the Bible?

26. How does the Syrian Orthodox Church and modern Christian communities treat the Bible?

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