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What Shall I Do To Be Saved?

By Rev. Dr. Curian Kaniyamparambil

Table of Contents - Section 4


82. Confess to whom?

83. But David confessed to God, and to no one else.

84. Did anyone confess to the apostles?

85. Did our Lord give the apostles the right to absolve sins

86. So this right to absolve sins were given only to the apostles and NOT to the other disciples?

87. In James 5:16, it says to confess your sins to 'each other'. Where does it say that it should be to a priest?

88. Peter committed a sin. He turned to Christ and cried and begged for forgiveness. He was forgiven his sins. Judas also committed a sin. He confessed his sin to the Jewish priests. The answer he received from the Jewish priest was 'what is that to us?' So can't we infer that 'one should confess to Christ and that it is futile to confess before a priest?'

89. When did this practice of confessing to the elder/priest begin?


90. What should one do to be saved? (A summary of our discussion so far)

91. Did Jesus Christ do anything so that believers can receive all that has been mentioned above? Did He authorize anyone to perform these?

92. What did the apostles believe about themselves? (Did they believe that they themselves were people without any authority, or as having authority?)

93. 'Only the apostles therefore received this authority and gift of God. How can the priests in the church claim to have this? It all ended with the death of the apostles!'

94. Where in the Bible does it say that the apostles 'ordained' priests?

95. How did the apostles ordain?

96. What about the argument that 'Paul received his power directly from God, not from the apostles?'

97. Was Ananias who baptized Paul a lay-man (Common man)?

98. Is it fair to call the ordained ones 'Fathers', administrators, etc..? Is this in the Bible?

99. Were there these positions (Priests, Bishops, and Deacons) in the early church?


100. Why are priests required to wear robes?

101."And every priest stands ministering daily and offering repeatedly the same sacrifice which take way the sins." (Heb. 10:11) When then do you have the Holy mass (Eucharist)

102. Priests in the Orthodox Church wear a cap or a veil. Isn't this against what St. Paul has said? (i.e. when praying, do not cover your head)

103. Bishops in the Orthodox Church have a miter. Isn't this an imitation from the priests of the god dagon? Is this not against the Christian faith?


104. Refer to the following verses. "Therefore there is one God and there is one mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus, Who gave Himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time." (1 Tim 2:5,5) Why then have mediators?

105. In that case why pray to Jesus Christ? If Jesus is a mediator then we would rather use His mediator-ship to pray, than to pray to Jesus!

106. But these mediators were alive. Most of your saint-mediators are not alive. They are dead. How can they mediate or pray for us? "The dead do not praise the Lord" (Psalms 115:17)


107. What is the state of those who died in Jesus Christ?

108. David says, "The dead does not praise the Lord, all those gone down into silence" (Psalms 115:17). Then why should one pray for the dead?

109. Does the New Testament teach us to pray for the dead?

110. Why should we pray for the dead?

111. Isn't prayers for the dead a later addition by the Church?

112. Let us assume that a person lived a sinful life openly. when he dies should we pray for him too?

113. Who can benefit from our prayers?

115. What are the objective of prayers during burial of the dead?

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