Malankara World

40 Questions Answered

By H.G. Dr Geevarghese Mar Osthathios

Table of Contents



2. HERMANEUTICAL QUESTIONS - Biblical Interpretation




1. Should the Holy Bible be the only basis for the Faith of the Church?

2. Is the individualistic and sectarian interpretation of the Scripture as valid as that of the historical churches with apostolic tradition behind them?

3. Are there only 66 books in the Holy Bible?

5. Is infant baptism in accordance with the will of God?

6. Should We Pray for the departed and seek their intercession?

7. How can the Belief in the Holy Trinity be Explained?

8. Is there God ? Who made Him?

9. What do you mean when you say 'Jesus Christ is the only Savior'?

10. Should We speak in Tongues to know that we have the anointment of the Holy Spirit?

11. What then is the sign of the Holy Spirit?

12. Did not priesthood end with Jesus Christ?

13. Should I confess before a Priest?

14. What is the uniqueness of the Orthodox Churches?

15. Why only written prayers?

16. Can a Christian use Medicines for healing?

17. Should we pray, 'Hail Mary, full of grace......'

18. Is there life after death?

2 HERMANEUTICAL QUESTIONS - Biblical Interpretation

19. Whom did Cain marry?

20. Why did God harden the heart of Pharoah?

21. What does 'selah' mean?

22. Should a Christian read the Old Testament (O. T.)?

23. How can we believe in Miracles in this age of Science?

24. "Call no man father on earth...." (Mt. 23: 9) Explain

25. 'None is holy except the Holy Father, Holy Son and the Holy Spirit' Then why call some Saints?

26. Why the Old Testament Sabbath is changed?

27. What is the unpardonable sin against the Holy spirit?

28. 'Let the dead bury their dead' (Lk. 9:60) What does it mean?

29. 'Do not touch me....' Explain (Jn. 20: 17).

30. Are you Saved?

31. What about Original Sin?

32. 'Sons of God and the daughters of men' Who?

33. What is the meaning of the Lord's Prayer?


34. What is wrong in marrying a non-Christian?

35. Why should marriage be conducted in the Church?

36. Should there be expensive party for a marriage?

37. Jesus made strong wine. Can't I drink it?

38. Tell me something about sex-ethics of Christianity.

39. Does evil spirit have power over us?

40. Should a Christian tithe?

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