Yeldho Mar Baselios

Membership in Baselios Church

Membership in the church is required to receive the holy sacraments. Very often, when you go to Kerala and try to obtain sacraments like a baptism or marriage, they will require a referral from the church where you live. The referral can only given to those who are a member by our church constitution.

Taking membership in our church shows that you are committed to grow spiritually and to help each other. We hope that you will seriously consider becoming a member.


Becoming a member of Baselios Church is very easy. You can fill up an application online. The application will be reviewed by the church administration and you will be informed when the decision is made.

Application for membership

There are three categories of membership.


As the name implies, this membership entitles you to all the privileges of the church membership. You can take part in the management of the church including representing the church in diocesan and universal church level.

This membership requires an annual contribution to the archdiocese and a small contribution to the church to defer the cost of conducting the services. The financial contribution requirement may be waved in case of financial hardship by the management committee or by the vicar (as in case you lost the job or not having one).


If you are a full time student in an educational institution in the USA, you are eligible to become a student member. Financial contribution requirement for the full member is waved in this case. But you will enjoy all benefits of full membership. You can actively participate in all activities of the church including participation in the management of the church.


Associate members cannot take part in the management of the church. They also cannot represent the church in the archdiocesan or global church level. There is no financial contribution requirement in this membership level.Kill Bill Cosplay Costumes

Apply to become a member now: Application for membership

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